Game of Life fitness extraordinaire

  Over the past three years, we’ve created over 30 fitness board games. A bloody good collection, rivalled by no one else. We’ll be honest, we didn’t think it could get any better. But after six months of creating and perfecting, we’ve gone and developed a new fitness board game,

Skip-Bo & UNO

One of my favourite things to do is head to K-Mart (a large/cheap department store in Australia) and walk around the games section. Nothing excites me more than finding a shiny new game that I can use, to create new resources that get people moving. During my latest visit to

The best advice…

Recently I’ve been reminiscing about the places I have been lucky enough to visit over the last decade. One of the things in life that I really love (aside from making fun, exciting and educational games) is travelling; exploring amazing countries and meeting new people. There is nothing quite like

Monthly update and newsletter

What a huge month it has been, with so many amazing things happening where do I start. In this post you will find the following content: • Members monthly games release • Workshops and upcoming events • Huge promotion that has one day left I will start with the ten

The best freebie ever!!!

Everyone loves a freebie, giveaway what ever you like to call it. Well this week I have a little treat for you all. Over the past six months we have been creating story based fitness adventures, where participants need to perform certain movements to continue on in the story. They