​One hundred and eightyyyyyy. You may wonder where I am coming from? This is the highest score possible to attain in the game of darts 180. The player must hit triple 20 in a single throw of darts (three darts), when scored the referee announces a score of 180 in an exuberant style. I would love to hear that sound myself, the harsh reality is that I am simply not good enough. I have even purchased expensive darts in the hope this would give me the edge for that perfect 180!!! I will keep trying.

That all been said, I thought why couldn’t we turn the amazing game of 501 darts into a fun partner fitness activity. This could be my only opportunity of scoring 180 in a single round. Unlike the normal game of darts, all you need for this beauty is a six sided dice and the score card we have created for the two player game.

We have found over the years that doing an activity that’s both physical and fun is a super way to get in shape and stay motivated to exercise. The best thing about our new ‘dice darts 501’ is that you actually don’t have to have any dart throwing skill what so ever ha ha, I think that’s why this new game is such a winner with myself and everyone I play it with. I’m sure you will feel the same, good luck, hopefully you can score the perfect round of one hundred and eightyyyyyy.

Dice darts 501 is just one of the ten amazing new games that we have created this month for our members, here is a list of the other nine outstanding fitness games that will blow participants minds.

1. Dice darts 501 – Dice games category
2. Blindfold obstacle fitness – Icebreakers category
3. Drawing competition – Icebreakers category
4. Spring carnival boxing – Boxing category
5. Lucky high roller boxing – Boxing category
6. Build em up cards – Card games category
7. Find my place fitness – Individual challenge category
8. Letter mash fitness – Team game category
9. Ludo fitness – Board games category
10. Chess fitness – Board games category

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Have a great weekend everyone, we hope you spend some quality time with your loved ones. From Dale and the team at Bottoms Up Fitness

Written by: bottomsup