One thing I love using in all of my sessions are dice and decks of playing cards. I have designed over 50 fitness games and activities using these amazing items. The best thing about dice and cards, is that they are extremely cheap and you can purchase them from just about anywhere. Why is this good? Because if you don’t have any, then it’s not going to be hard to purchase a deck of cards so you can play the ‘poker fitness’ game I have created.

Today you are going to get ‘poker fitness’ for FREE. All my clients and students absolutely love this fitness game. I even used it on the weekend when Kyle Wood from and myself ran our first live workshop in Melbourne for group fitness instructors. They all loved ‘poker fitness’ so much that I thought I better share it with everyone. Here you go, check out this amazing game that everyone loves!

Poker fitness
10 minutes
How to play
As the name suggests, the idea of this fitness session will be to make the best poker hand by completing set exercises and hopefully collecting a good hand of cards.
Split your group into 2-4 teams and set up a whiteboard with 2-4 cones placed nearby, one for each team. 50-100 metres away set up a cone that has 52 cards laid out randomly, face down.
When the trainer says go, each team runs together out to the card cone and one person from each team selects a random card for their team. They then run as a team as quickly as they can back to the whiteboard, check their card and see what exercise they need to complete. This is done by matching up the card value with the exercise on the board (see exercise list below). They complete the required exercise as quickly as possible, leave their card face down at their team cone and the run back out to collect another card. They continue to repeat this process as many times as they can for 10 minutes, or until the cards run out.
At the end of the ten minute period, the team then gets into a plank hold and makes their best available poker hand with the cards they have collected. The winning team is the team that has managed to collect the best poker hand.
At the conclusion, the winning team completes star jumps at 50% while watching the losing teams complete a 400m run. You could play multiple rounds of this game throughout a session or alternatively extend the time limit allowed for card collection.
Exercise list
Ace – 40 mountain climbers
2 – 20 sit-ups
3 – 20 supermans
4 – 20 glute raises
5 – 30 push ups
6 – 30 squat jumps
7 – 30 burpees
8 – 20 commandos
9 – 40 bicycles (opposite arm to leg)
10 – 30 dips
Jack – 30 lunge jumps
Queen – 30 mountain climbers
King – 30 sumo squats

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Written by: bottomsup