Spring Carnival Time

In my opinion, spring carnival is the best time of the year in Melbourne, the place is buzzing! The AFL (Australian Football League) grand final was played a few weeks ago, with the Bulldogs breaking a 62-year drought. This now leads us into the biggest horse races of the year

Dubai, Games and much much more

Last week I was lucky enough to be asked to go to Dubai and run three masterclass sessions at the Connected PE 2016 conference. The sessions were based around engaging fitness ideas and it was an amazing experience, which I absolutely loved. The energy and passion shown from the 160

Fitness games giveaway

Today you are in for a treat. Not only are we going to expose you to some of the most engaging fitness games on the market, but we are going to give you five days worth for FREE. Thats right, simply sign up below and receive one of our top

The best finishing drill ever

I’m not sure where I found this finishing activity, I know that I didn’t make it up and I’m not trying to take credit for it at all. But it is simple, takes minimal time and is very very challenging to everyone who attempts it. This has not been added

How many board games can you name?

Last week I was putting together a list of board games that I love and have played over the years. I had a pretty solid list, and this got me thinking. Besides the stock standard family favourites, what are some of the less known board games that you absolutely love?

Sport and fitness combined

My two biggest loves in the world would have to be fitness and sport. I know what you are thinking, that they are both just about the same. In fact they are so similar it’s not funny. The only difference is that most people think that fitness is going to