Fitness Testing

Over the years I have tried, tested and witnessed a number of different fitness tests. I feel that the more I try different tests and the more I read about them, the more confused I become. One of the big questions I get asked is; what are the best fitness

Using poker for fitness

Poker is one game that has always entertained and excited me. I love playing ‘Texas Holdem’, the concept of buying in and everything else that the game offers excites me no end. The thing that really sucks me in though, is how many different stages of a hand you have

Free giveaway and competition

Today is everyone’s lucky day!!! This week have I have designed a brand new game called ‘dice bingo’. This is a great game and I have designed a couple of different modifications. I think the ones I have designed are great, but I would love to throw the challenge out

The Best Book Ever

You will never guess what the most requested book ever is… Last week I had an excursion with my class at school. The current students I teach had to visit our local library in Melbourne and create accounts for future use. While they were creating their accounts and getting a

Paddocks Paddocks Paddocks

If you have never heard of the game ‘paddocks’ then you must have had a deprived childhood, just joking. Paddocks is one of the best time filling games I have ever played both when I was at school as a student, and now when I am a teacher and need

Movie madness and the rest

Are you a real movie buff? This weekend just gone, I was able to relax on Sunday afternoon and watch a few movies on Foxtel (this is pay TV/cable in Australia). I don’t normally have the luxury of been able to sit still and relax for an entire afternoon. So

History War Fitness Games

Members Zone weekly game update Hope this finds everyone fit, healthy and enjoying some of the new games they may have tried from the members’ zone! This week we have decided to create a range of fitness games and activities with a historical context. Therefore, the three new games that