Over the past month we have been experimenting with some crazy new ideas in our boxing sessions. We know that our ‘games’ sessions are extremely popular, but we have never tried this within our boxing sessions. Sure, we use warm up games and the occasional game as a finisher. But most of our boxing sessions are all about combos and punching technique, which is fine. This has worked very well for us over the past three years and our clients have loved our boxing classes. The thing about good is that it’s not great, and even though our boxing sessions are extremely popular, we still wanted to try and make them bigger, better and more successful. How have we done this in the last month???
We have created a number of new boxing games! Yes that’s right, we have taken the winning formula of making fitness ‘fun’ and mixed it with the hugely popular exercise of boxing. In short, we believe we have mastered what people are looking for. Never before have we had clients raving so much about how much they are loving our sessions. The reason is quite simple, people love to be engaged and generally people are engaged when they are having fun and playing games. Add games to a boxing session, where we are giving participants a fantastic workout, and we meet the ‘fun’ and ‘fitness’ criteria all in one session. It’s pretty easy to see why our bootcamp numbers keep building. It’s not because of our trainers (they are pretty amazing though), it’s simply because of the fun, game based sessions we are rolling out. Anyone can do this, and that’s why we have created our Members Zone. We already have three boxing games created on the Members Zone.
Mario Kart
All three of these games have all the resources and instructions included. All you need to do is print them out, laminate them and they are good to go. To add to these, we are releasing three brand new boxing games this week, as well as a special release of another board game, ‘Globe trotter’. This is a huge week of games, particularly with the new boxing games. To put it simply, they are fun to teach and the best thing about them is that our clients can’t get enough of them. Here are this week’s games that will be added to the Members Zone on Friday:
• Wheel of Fortune Boxing
• Deal or No Deal boxing
• Boxing Casino Wars
• Globe Trotter team board game
If you are not a member you are really missing out. These three boxing games will not only make running your sessions so much fun, but they will also build your business like you would not believe. For the low cost of $4.95 per week, you will have access to these new games as well as the 380 plus games that are already loaded on the site. Have a great week everyone, if you are already using games in boxing, we would love to hear what you are doing, as the response from our clients over the last month has been amazing. We are so excited with the progress these boxing games have made within our business.
Cheers, from the Bottoms Up Team.

P.S. Here is a youtube video of the amazing boxing wheel of fortune. Also if you would like to check out the Members Zone, simply click HERE.

Written by: bottomsup