Last week I was lucky enough to be asked to go to Dubai and run three masterclass sessions at the Connected PE 2016 conference. The sessions were based around engaging fitness ideas and it was an amazing experience, which I absolutely loved. The energy and passion shown from the 160 teachers who attended was unbelievable. Here is a clip of one of the short fitness brain boost activities I ran at the conference.

It was a 3 to 4 minute workout based on jetting around the globe, visiting a number of different countries for the participants who attended the conference. If you would like to hear this as a podcast or get the show notes for free, please click HERE for the link. 

As part of my fitness masterclasses in Dubai, I ran a competition to see who could get really creative and design a fun fitness game using a template I provided. Mary Ghosheh and Debora Adams came up with a simple, but great activity. It’s called ‘card bingo’ and HERE is a link to check it out for FREE. 

‘Card bingo’ will be the feature game added to the Members Zone this week. It is such an easy game, you simply print off the attached PDF for all participants and then need a deck of cards. The game will run itself and everyone will be extremely engaged.

As well as ‘card bingo’, this week we will be adding two more games to the Members Zone site. One of them is a brand new circuit activity that we have designed called ‘cut the cake’. This is a fantastic full body circuit session that will really have participants engaged. The final addition to the site this week will be another cracking musical workout. This one has been designed to a one hit wonder track, by Fountains of Wayne. ‘Stacey’s Mom’ is the song, and the workout to this catchy song is very enjoyable. This is sure to be a crowd pleaser with all participants.

We hope you have a great week, these new games will be released this Friday to our Members Site. If you are not already a member, then do yourself a favour. With over 370 printable PDF workouts it’s the best value for money at only $4.95 per week. You’re losing money by not being involved and using these outstanding fitness resources. Click HERE to check out what I’m talking about. 

Cheers Dale and the Bottoms Up team.

Written by: bottomsup