Warm up games and fun activities at the start of a session are always high on my agenda. One of the funniest warm up games we have played lately with some of my groups has been ‘giants, wizards and elves’. It’s great for a laugh, and also the perfect way to create energy at the start of any session. As always, I have included the instructions of this cracking warm up game below:
40 cones to mark out the playing area
Start the game by splitting the group into two even teams. Split the playing area into three sections, with two safety zones (one on each team’s side) and designate a middle area where both teams are able to go.
The game starts with each team getting in a huddle to pick what they want to be as a team – a Giant, a Wizard or an Elf. These are the actions that the teams must make when they choose one of the three characters. Giants put their hands up over their heads, Wizards put their hands out straight in front of them wiggling their fingers like they are waving a wand and Elves make pointy ears on their head with their index fingers.
Once the teams have decided their character for the round, they move to the designated centre area, face to face with the other team. The instructor then counts to three; on three each team shows the character that they have chosen. The result is exactly like paper, scissors, rock. Giants beat Elves, Elves beat Wizards and Wizards beat Giants. The team that wins chases the other team, trying to tag as many participants on the other team as possible before they reach the safety zone on their side of the playing area. Players from the team that get tagged become a part of the other team. The game continues until all participants are on one side, which means everyone wins.

If you are not using fun warm up games like this to start your sessions, then you are really missing out. Not only is it a fun way to warm up, but it also sets the standard for your session. High energy and engagement means that your clients will love the rest of your session.
It’s so important to have a huge list of these amazing warm up games as resources. I have created an app which has over 100 of these beauties for you ready to play. It’s called the PE Shake and you can grab it for $2.95 HERE. Also, you can grab these and more fitness based warm up ideas on our Members Zone, click HERE to check that out as well.

This week’s three new games that will be added to our already huge list of fitness resources on the Members Zone will be:
Card circuit races – This will be added to our circuit section and also card games
Lucky 6 – This will be in the dice category
Tennis ball challenge – This is a completely new type of sports based fitness game that we are currently creating. This will be added to the individual challenges section.
Have a great week everyone. Hopefully you love ‘giants elves and wizards’ as much as we do.
Cheers, the Bottoms Up Team.

Written by: bottomsup