A few years ago, I careful packed up all my possessions, shoved them into a back pack and moved to London on a two year working visa. I didn’t have a job, a place to live, come to think of it I didn’t have much at all. What I did have was a feeling, a feeling that I was moving to one of the best cities in the world and that everything would just fall into place, it would right? Before moving to London the list of things I knew about the city, could be counted on one hand. I knew that it was home to the Queen, it had a clock called Ben, there were red double decker busses everywhere and I knew that they had an underground tube system. I’ll be honest the only reason I knew anything at all, was because as a child I played a truck load of Monopoly. Yep, everything I knew about London was thanks to a feeling and a famous board game created by Hasbro.

Upon arriving in the magical city that is London, I quickly realised that unlike the board game it isn’t shaped in a perfect square (who would have thought). I also realised that it has a lot more going for it than the Queen and an oversized clock. The underground tube system smashed my expectations, it runs like clockwork with trains pulling into platforms every 2 to 3 minutes – they’re on time and they’re fast. Growing up in country Victoria in Australia, a train coming every hour was a novelty for me, imagine one that comes every minute. I instantly fell in love. In fact, I love the tube so much I’ve used it as my inspiration for this month’s main game – London tube fitness, a fantastic team dice game. This game takes the famous train stations in London’s tube network and turns them into a fast paced fitness race. Yes that’s right, you can now get fit and ride the London tube at the same time, how magical. Your participants will be enjoying themselves so much, they’ll forget they’re even exercising.

As well as London Tube Fitness, we also have another nine new games that have just been uploaded to the 500 plus fitness games, lesson plans and session ideas on our member’s zone. Members below are the new games and their corresponding category’s that you can find on the website.

Monthly Members Game release:

Paper scissors rock punisher – Warm up game category
Extreme builders and bulldozers – Warm up games category
Fast answer – warm up games category
Roll it up – dice game category
Queen – Another one bites the dust – Video/musical workout category
Boxing monopoly fitness – Video/board games category
Boxing running dice – Boxing category
Sudoku fitness – Team game category
Partner push – Circuit category
London tube fitness – dice game category

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Have a wonderful day, regards Dale and the Bottoms Up Fitness Team

Written by: bottomsup