One thing I have learnt over the years is that forming groups, pairs or teams can be quite stressful and time consuming. If it is not done correctly, your entire session will not run smoothly. Also, if it takes a long time to sort out the groups at the start you will be wasting valuable training time.

Today I have a few little trick and tips for you. I have included three of the most exciting and enjoyable ways that I form teams and groups. I have turned a few of them into games, as let’s face it, who doesn’t love playing games? Check out my top three below. If you have any others that you feel are fantastic, please email me or write a comment below.

Deck of Cards
Using the cards, you can choose how many groups you want and how many participants in each group. For example, if you want six groups with four per group, shuffle the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 from the deck then hand them out to the class. When you want larger groups, for example, four groups with six participants in each, then go through the suits of the deck and keep six cards from clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts. The card suits will then be your groups. A deck of cards can work perfectly for most situations.

Alphabetical Order
Using alphabetical order, ask the group to stand in a line up. Using their first names they have to arrange themselves from A-Z in the line. Once they are in the line you can pick even groups. If you have 28 people and want groups of 7, then count the first seven in the line and that will be group one. Repeat this down the line. You can also get everyone to line up in alphabetical order of their surname, their date of birth – from January-December, or their favourite sports teams in alphabetical order. As an extra challenge, you can ask the class to organise themselves into these lines in silence.

Animal Pairing
In your class if you want to organise pairs, design pairs of animals; for example, cats, dogs, bears, snakes, lions, horses, mice, birds, sharks and so on. Hand out the paired animals randomly to the group members. Once they have the cards they are not allowed to talk. They must make the noise of their animal and find their partner by doing this. This is a great way to form partners and also a fun icebreaker activity that the class will enjoy. (I have created a printable PDF that you can use for this game, simply click HERE to download for free today).

This week on our Bottoms Up Members Zone we have another huge release of amazing games and fitness resources.

Our main feature game is ‘fibbers dice’. This is a game we have designed using dice instead of cards on an old classic ‘cheat’. We already have the ‘cheat’ card fitness game in the cards category on the site, but we think this one trumps it. Yes that’s right, this is even better! Fibbers dice is one of those games that when it’s completed you know it’s a show stopper and a crowd pleaser. This will get clients engaged and loving life.

Secondly we have ‘rhyme battle’, a new game where clients have to think of rhyming words to stay in the game. This will get clients laughing and active all together, which is the best way to build amazing sessions.

Our final release is ‘four corners circuit’. This is a very challenging circuit session that will complement the other two games, to possibly make this the best game release week we have ever had. Stay tuned, these will be released this Friday. Have a great week everyone! Cheers, the team at Bottoms Up.

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Written by: bottomsup