​I still remember the first time I sat down, green cup of tea in hand and watched Game of Thrones. The feeling can be likened to that of a small boy, receiving a shiny new bike from Santa Clause on Christmas Day. Watching one episode, quickly turned into binging on seven. I was six episodes deep, when the main character Ned Stark was murdered. It was at this moment that I knew, without a shadow of a doubt that this was a show for me. I swiftly said goodbye to my social life and became engrossed in what can only be described as the best TV show ever (Ninja Warrior excluded – obviously).

If you’re reading this and have zero idea what I’m banging on about, then I guess you’ve never watched Game of Thrones. Firstly let me give you some life changing advice – WATCH IT. Secondly the good news is, it doesn’t matter if you’ve seen the show or not. You can still enjoy our Game of Thrones fitness challenge. This fitness challenge has three parts that each run for ten minutes. When you combine the three together, you will have the most amazing fitness session ever. You will have participants begging for more, as it is truly one of the best sessions we have ever created. Which is saying something, as we now have over 500 fitness games on our Members Zone site.

For those of you who haven’t seen Game of Thrones, we have you covered; the challenge has an intro and a brief history of the show, along with everything you need to run this unreal themed workout. As well as releasing the Game of Thrones challenge this month, we have also created the following games which can now be found in the Members Zone:

1.Game of Thrones fitness challenge – Team challenges

2.Clock of cards – Circuit and card category

3.Ten of a kind – Dice games

4.The magic number – Dice games

5.Barbie girl musical workout – Video section

6.Rhianna umbrella – Video section

7.Extreme circuit tag – Circuit category

8.Dice it up – Dice games

9.Boxing stacker – Boxing category

10.Dictionary fitness – Team games category

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Enjoy the games and enjoy the seventh season of GOT,

Cheers Dale and the Bottoms Up Fitness Team

Written by: bottomsup