Many of you will relate to the hours spent trying to guess the pattern in both order and colour of the popular code-breaking game Mastermind.
Mastermind Fitness is just one of the latest games we have created to engage participation and movement. Players are required to remember moves and sequences, completing a number of different exercise as fast as they can. The game is suitable for students at school, playing a fun game in the park, or using the game to attract new clients to your boot camp business. This game has it all.
I would also like to mention an amazing podcast interview I had with Hugh Van Cuylenberg from the Resilience Project. Hugh has developed and facilitated programs for over 300 schools Australia wide promoting positive mental health strategies. He has also worked with the Australian Cricket Team, the Australian Netball Team, 10 of the AFL Teams and Australian Women’s Soccer Team. Click HERE to listen to podcast.

As well as the amazing Mastermind Fitness game; this month you will also receive the following new fitness games:

1. Mastermind fitness – Board games section
2. Icebreaker dingo – Icebreakers category
3. Protein and carb warm up game
4. Card sharks warm up game
5. Would you rather? – Circuit category
6. Flashdance – Maniac – Musical workout video
7. Stacey’s Mom – Musical video workout
8. The craze maze – Team building and team games section
9. Emoji boxing add on – Boxing category
10. Basketball cards – Card and team games category’s

If you are not a member, simply click HERE and sign up. You will receive Mastermind plus over 500 fitness games and 30 eBooks valued at $1500 USD.
We would like to thank our members for their valued support, sign in to view Mastermind and the other ten activities today.
Have a wonderful day from the team at Bottoms Up Fitness

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