I had never heard or seen this show until I moved over to London. It became a part of my daily routine, I literally would never miss it. Now you might be wondering what this show is, and why I loved it so much. The show is called “The Chase”, the original show started in the United Kingdom with host Bradley Walsh.

For me this show blew my mind and had me hooked as Bradley Walsh was a true legend. if you haven’t seen the show or host in action, this YouTube clip is the best of him. Simply LOL stuff HERE. 

After rolling around on the floor for 7 minutes, like I just have, you will be able to experience and appreciate this month’s top released game. Based on the same format, we have created an epic full team fitness activity/ game. It may not be as funny as listening to Bradley Walsh on YouTube, but it will have all participants super engaged. As well as “The Chase Game”, you will also receive the following, as part of your monthly fitness games drop on our Members Zone.

1. The Chase TV Show – Team games
2. Have you ever? – Icebreaker warm up game
3. Imaginary walk – warm up game
4. Dragon – rain – video/ musical workout
5. Four minute individual challenge – videos section
6. Dice fingo (fitness bingo) – Dice category
7. Guitar hero – Individual challenge
8. Trouble fitness – Board game section
9. Sneaky cards fitness – Board game section
10. Up down stay off the ground – Story based fitness adventure

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