What a huge month it has been, with so many amazing things happening where do I start. In this post you will find the following content:
• Members monthly games release
• Workshops and upcoming events
• Huge promotion that has one day left

I will start with the ten new games that we have created for our Members Zone website. If you have not checked this out feel free to do so and sign up for 30 days FREE, over 440 PDF games to choose from why wouldn’t you get involved.

This month we have really focused our attention on warm up games, boxing games and some team based fitness games. We feel we have a really good mix of everything for personal trainers and PE teachers that follow us. Below are the games and exactly where you can find them on the site:

Prison break – warm up game
Tennis ball warm up challenge – warm up game
Card roulette – warm up game
Hit the deck boxing – Boxing category
Fibbers boxing – Boxing category
Roll it up boxing – Boxing category
Five minute punisher – circuit category
The challenge – Team game
Laugh like a joker – Card game
Frisbee golf – Team game

Secondly we have also just released four new eBooks for our yearly Members. These eBooks retail for over $300, yearly Members can now access these for FREE as part of your subscription. The new eBooks are:
• Icebreaker fitness games
• Sports based fitness games
• Adventure stories
• Boxing games

It is also your last chance to grab this bundle of books at the reduced rate for new yearly members. Here is the link to click on if you’re interested in purchasing at a reduced 75% off their normal retail price. CLICK HERE

Finally, we have a number of workshops coming up in Australia and New Zealand for PE teachers. You can check out the venues and dates HERE. If you feel that your School or group would benefit from one of our workshops please hit reply and we can organise a workshop near you. Have a great day everyone, we hope that you are enjoying the resources and content that we are creating, as we are truly passionate about everything we create.

Cheers Dale and the team

Written by: bottomsup

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