One of my favourite things to do is head to K-Mart (a large/cheap department store in Australia) and walk around the games section. Nothing excites me more than finding a shiny new game that I can use, to create new resources that get people moving.

During my latest visit to K-Mart, I stumbled upon a card game called Skip-Bo. As a self-proclaimed game connoisseur, I was shocked to find a game that I hadn’t seen before. Especially one with so much potential, created by our friends at Mattel (the very same people who make UNO) and retailing for the low price of $7.99, Skip-Bo really is a rare card game gem. So much potential wrapped up in one deck of shiny coloured cards.

For those of you who like me, have never played Skip-Bo, or even heard of it. Provided below is a link to explain the card game. After reading this you’ll be up to speed and will know exactly what I’m talking about Click HERE.

Now that we’re all on the same page, I’m sure you can see that this deck of cards, along with your UNO cards are going to give you hours and hours of amazing new fitness activities, to engage participants. You’ll need a deck of both UNO and Skip-Bo cards to enjoy this month’s games release. The good news is you can pick up both sets very cheaply on eBay, or at your local department store like I did at K-Mart. This month I have created a new eBook with 12 new Skip-Bo and UNO inspired games. They range from warm ups to full sessions. You will love the range of activities that you can play from this week’s release. All our yearly Members, you will be getting the new eBook uploaded straight into the eBook section of the Members Zone.

Our weekly Member’s; you will receive the following ten new games, which have already been uploaded to the ‘card section’ of the Members Zone.

1. Dynamic Skip-Bo warm up
2. UNO animal warm up
3. UNO video camera warm up
4. Skip-Bo team warm up
5. Skip-Bo challenge
6. UNO team fitness
7. Skip-Bo boxing caller
8. Skip-Bo boxing challenge
9. UNO individual challenge
10. Skip-Bo fitness

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While we have you, I’d like to encourage you all to send through any variations you may have to the games provided. I am always interested in seeing and hearing from people using amazing resources such as Skip-Bo and UNO cards to engage participants.

Have a great day everyone,

Cheer Dale and the Bottoms Up Team.

Written by: bottomsup