There are a lot of things that I am grateful for. Being able to run, skip, jump, smile and laugh are just a few, but I think the biggest reason for why I am extremely happy is due to the lovely weather in Australia at the moment. We are coming out of winter and into spring which would have to be one of the most exciting times of year for people in Australia, particularly Melbourne where I live. One of the reasons for this is that’s its Spring Carnival time. That’s right, three to four weeks of world-class horse racing, entertainment, culture, fashion and food. In keeping with celebrations with the rest of Melbourne this time of year, we have created an epic horse racing dice game to celebrate the launch of the Spring Racing Carnival. If you haven’t seen this be sure to check it out HERE in the dice section.

Now back to my chain of thought! The sun is out and everyone just seems happier which makes for the perfect time to unleash ten new amazing games.

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Emoji stacker is the month’s hot hit game. I introduced this for the first time two weeks ago when I was presenting masterclass fitness sessions in Dubai, at Connected PE. The response was insane, and from then on, I have used this with all of my bootcamp groups, personal training clients, and two school groups in Melbourne. We are super proud of this month’s feature game, and we have no doubt that you will feel exactly the same way when you get your hands on it! The reason it has been so popular is because everyone loves emoji’s. Let’s be honest, if I could write a blog with them that’s all I would use

Emoji stacker comes with all associated resources and game cards in PDF format ready to print and play instantly.

Here are the other games that are also pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.

1. Emoji stacker – Team games category
2. Snap crackle and pop – Warm up games
3. Ducky duck – Warm up games
4. Kelis – Trick me – musical workout/video section
5. Moby – Honey – musical workout/video section
6. Double dice – Dice games
7. Scattagories fitness – Team games section
8. Wheel of fortune boxing game – Boxing/video section
9. Creating problems fitness – Dice category
10. Sneaky cards icebreaker board game – Board games section

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