Last week my little sister returned from two years living overseas, in London and France. I had not seen her for ages and we have had so much to catch up on. It has been amazing reliving all her travel stories (as I did a very similar trip five years ago), it has brought back some amazing memories. As well as having her back to hang out with, which is fantastic.

Anyway where I am going with this is, too often we get caught up in the present and waiting for what’s going to come our way. For example, the main point of this email is to explain the ten new games that we have released in the Members Zone site today. This is all well and good, but having my sister home has made me sit back and remember the past and some of the wonderful things that we have both done whilst traveling. So what I would like you to do, is sit back and think of an amazing lesson or session you have run over the years, where all participants loved what you planned and delivered. Now that feeling of satisfaction, pride and achievement is something that I want you to try and take into this next week.

Remember that session and the things that you did that brought down the house, the passion and love that it took to create this reaction. Below we have released ten amazing new fitness games for you, after looking at these take the time to cruise to the bottom of each category and see the 420 other gems that we have created over the past two years. I’m sure that there are at least a couple of games that you have missed, some of which are the most amazing fitness games and workouts ever created. Take a walk down memory lane, just like I have the last week – it’s such a nice feeling.

We now have a whopping 430 fitness PDF games and workouts on the Members Zone page. Here are the ten new ones that we have just uploaded for this month. If you would like to check them out feel free to sign up for a 30-day free trial and see how amazing all our games are.

1. The PT detective – Fitness icebreaker
2. Spin the bottle – Fitness icebreaker
3. Fast feet poker – Warm up game
4. 54 boxing pick up – Boxing workouts
5. Boxing odds or evens – Boxing workout
6. Blackjack boxing – Boxing workout
7. Lawn bowls fitness – Team game
8. Hit the deck fitness – Card fitness game
9. Five minute punisher – Circuit session
10. You have a point to prove – Circuit session

Also in the next couple of weeks we are really excited to announce the release of three brand new eBooks that we have been working on over the past few months. They will be coming out as a bundle, so stay tuned for this. Yearly Members will get these for free as they will be added to the Members Zone eBook section with the other 20 plus eBooks you have access to as part of your yearly membership.

Have a great Thursday, hopefully you love the ten new games, and if you’re not a Member, simply click here to join for our 30 day FREE trial. Cheers the Bottoms Up Team.

Written by: bottomsup